Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Thanks

My thoughts exactly.

However, because I've generally been in a foul mood for the past week or so, I thought I should make an extra effort to think about what I'm grateful for right now. I'm a day late, but, I suppose, it's never too late to be thankful for:

My husband, the LSH*, although, currently he's on my s*** list. Long story, but I believe, due to the drama he has created, I can now be considered the LSW*. But, I love you, sweetie. For better or worse.
Grateful for my brother, Tom, who is always "there" for me, through the good and not so good.
Grateful for "the girls", my friends from childhood, who are always there to lend an ear or a hand. And, of course, make me laugh my ass off (unfortunately, not literally).
Grateful that I still have my job, although they're killing me, with too many responsibilities and the stress that comes along with that. But we need that paycheck, even without a raise this year.
Grateful that, at this time exactly a week from today, I'll be spending the night in warm Miami and on Saturday, board my luxury cruise ship to tropical ports beyond. I'm purposely using the pronouns "I" and "my" because not really sure if the LSH will be able to make it (see first item on list).
Just finished watching the Paul McCartney@Citifield special that was on last night. I'm grateful for those Beatle memories and that I was able to attend the Citifield show last July.
Grateful that I was able to re-connect with so many great people from my high school graduation class at our recent reunion and we have Facebook to continue to keep in touch.
Grateful that, although the doctors' still haven't been able to figure out what is causing my neuropathy, I now know that I DON'T have diabetes, MS, Lyme's Disease, lupus and small-cell lung cancer. Now, if they can only find out what I DO have that's causing this.
Grateful that I was born in America, that we have a roof over a heads and food in the pantry and clothes in the closet.
Speaking of closets, I'm grateful that I finally got around to cleaning my closet out today and getting a bit more organized. I actually got these things. Although this is the online site, you can buy them in many stores and save the shipping. They do actually work, although they are plastic. Wood would look nicer, but then, they wouldn't cost $19.99.
Grateful that my buddy, Bailey, my 13 1/2 year old Old English Sheepdog, is still with me and is currently sleeping peacefully at my feet.

There are many other things I'm grateful for, but these are at the top of the list. It's not really a bad idea, doing this grateful thing. I'll have to remember to do this more often.

*LSH - long suffering husband LSW - long suffering wife

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Those Were The Days

Ah! The long-awaited reunion post. I'm sure you've all been on pins & needles in anticipation.

Let me start off by saying that, since I began this blog, I've been reluctant to tell my age. I've danced around it a bit, but I've avoided specifics. I think one of the reasons has been that, since I don't know many of you personally, I've thought that, if you knew my age, you'd have pre-conceived ideas of who I am and what I'm like, based on my age. I mean, when I was younger, I always thought that this age is OLD. But, hell, in order to maybe appreciate my reunion stories, I'm going for it.

I recently attended my 40th class reunion. Yes, we were the Class of '69 at Edison HS in Edison, NJ. There were about 514 in our graduating class, and about 160 of us were at the reunion. I also attended my 20th reunion and my, how we've changed and I don't just mean physically. I didn't enjoy my 20th. All the conversations seemed to be about what one did for a living, how much money you had, the size of your home, the car you drove, etc, everyone trying to outdo each other. I remember one woman in particular who brought pictures of her home, room by room, her swimming pool, etc.

But, as I said, times have changed. The conversations were more about "so, how's life treated you?" There were happy stories of kids and grandkids and sad stories of loss and illness. Of course, there was a ton of reminiscing. And the class clowns were still clownish and those who were voted "Best Dressed" were still stylish, the "Best-Looking" guy was still looking good and even the Class Couple were still together (the hubby in that pair was "Mr. Best-Looking." In fact, there were 7 couples of high school sweethearts still married. To each other. I found that amazing. There were some people who I recognized right away, some who looked familiar, but couldn't recollect their name and some people I didn't know at all.

The party ended at 11PM, but continued in the Hospitality Suite until God knows when. I just know I went back to our room around 2:30AM, but stayed up another 2 hours, laughing and talking with my roomies. In the morning, we had a private room, so we could breakfast and spend a little more time together. It was as if no one wanted to leave, lingering over cups of coffee until the wait staff had removed the linens from the tables and we were forced to vacate the room. There were lots of hugs and kisses and vows that we have to get together soon. I know how often I've said that to people, but somehow, it never happens. But I think, this time, we all meant it. We actually set a date.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

Bet, by the title of this post, you think I'm going to relate some stories about my class reunion. No. Not today. Don't really have time.
But, until yesterday, it HAD been along time. In fact, it was so long ago, I can't remember the last time....

I threw up. Yes, Sitting at my desk at work. Suddenly, my body got super hot and my stomach started doing flips. I jumped up with my hand over my mouth (just in case) and ran to the ladies' room, not very conveniently located, but I made it. It's such a horrible feeling, isn't it? Your body has taken control and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
When it was finally over, I was wiped out. Luckily, someone had heard me in there and had already told my boss what was happening. He must have thought she wanted him to do something because all he kept saying was "I can't go in there!" Not that I wanted him too.
Anyway, I went home and went to bed and the episode past.
Speaking of episodes, did you see the Seinfeld episode that I was thinking of yesterday while all this was happening (if you're a Seinfeld fan, you'll know the one).

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I had a wonderful time at my class reunion last night. I haven't laughed so hard or so much in a long time. I got MAYBE 3 hours sleep, so, forgive me for not going into any detail right now. Jersey Girl is going to pay some bills, eat some dinner and turn in early. (Last episode of Mad Men will have to be DVR'd).
Stay tuned for thoughts and stories.....................

Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Systems Go!

Tonight is my xxTH High School Class Reunion and it looks like my body is going to cooperate and feel well enough to attend. It's at a hotel and I have a room with a few of the "girls." Gotta run and try to take a few years off this face!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jersey Girl Goes To Barnes and Noble

I've made a commitment to myself to start reading again, so I stopped by Barnes & Noble today. While perusing the shelves, the cover of a book caught my eye. I picked it up and couldn't believe my eyes. This book contains two of my favorite literary genres, Jane Austen (if you can call her a "genre") and vampires! And it said it was a NYT Bestseller. Where have I been? Am I the only book person that hadn't heard of this book?

It's the original text by Jane Austen with added scenes of "bone-crunching zombie action." Is this sick or what? I can't wait to start it! If I enjoy this, I may just have to pick up:

While I was engrossed amongst the bookshelves, one of the employees stopped by and asked me if I'd like a cupcake. I politely accepted, noting I never say no to anything sweet. It was only after I took my first bite did I notice i was in the "Diet" section. Do you think he set me up?

You know all those "What To Expect" titles: When You're Expecting, During the 1st Trimester? I've never read any of them, so I can't say whether they're any good or not, but I saw the newest addition to this series today and, if you ARE expecting, I suggest you pick this up and start reading it to your eventual prodigy:

And last, but not least, here's one more book I saw today. I doubt if I'll read it, but, perhaps some of the single ladies out there might be interested: