Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking Up A Collection For My Doctor

I got a call today from a collection agency. This is not the norm in Jersey Girl's household. The LSH & I aren't millionaires but, thank God, we can still pay our bills. They were calling to tell me that my account with a doctor (who I still see on a monthly basis) had been sent to them to try to get this outstanding balance paid. I had no idea I owed him anything; no one has mentioned it at my monthly appointments and I've never received a bill. And how much do I owe, you ask?


You can imagine my reaction. Well, maybe you can't, but I was beyond dumbfounded. I called the billing office who claimed they had been sending me bills monthly since September. I asked her to tell me the address they were mailing to and, guess what? It wasn't mine. Doesn't the post office return undeliverable mail to the sender? She said she didn't know anything about that. I said "Well, you have my phone number. Why didn't someone call?" Oh, it's not their policy. So, you send it to a collection agency? What percentage of the payment does the collection agency take? 3%?5%? I don't know, but they felt their return on investment was worth sending t to collections. I know many doctors aren't making the money they used to, but this was absurd.

I don't necessarily blame the doctor. I doubt he's very involved when it comes to billing. But, you can bet he'll be hearing an earful from me at my next appointment.



    they referred you to a collection agency over ten bucks. unreal.

    but since my office was on my case over a client that had a TEN CENT receivable, i guess it's not all that surprising...