Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Rant

Modern technology, when it works, is marvelous and should be a big time saver. But, time & time again, it just becomes a revolving door of frustration.
To "save time", I allow my local paper to take my monthly subscription payment directly from by debit account. In October, I received a new debit card# and immediately went online and updated my information on the paper's customer service site. Great. Took less than a minute.
December I receive a VM from the subscription dept saying that payment was overdue because my debit card info was no longer valid. So now, I call said CS dept, they review and say that, yes, the info is correct and she doesn't understand why I received that call, but she would take care of it.
Early January, receive same VM, now threatening delivery cancellation, unless I resolve this issue. Back on the phone, CS again says that it was their error and to disregard.
Today - Received another VM. Now I'm on the phone a third time trying to resolve this, when, if there was no thing as this online technology to "save time," I would have done all this with a iive person the first time and be done with it.
I know we all have these frustrating stories. I understand there will always be problems. I get pissed off when my time is being wasted on the same issue again and again. It happens at work as well. And my staff knows that I'm a pretty easy going manager, but this is one thing that makes steam come out of my ears!

Want to hear about irony? There's a weekly paper in this area that i paid for a one year subscription literally over 15 years ago. Since then, I have moved 3 times and changed my name and this paper has been following me weekly for 15 years, without another payment from me, I have contacted them numerous times to have my name removed from their subscribers and every 6 weeks or so, I get a notice that my subscription will cease unless they receive payment,

I can only shake my head and wonder, who's minding the store?

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