Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Need To Decide To Make A Decision

I do a lot of shopping online and I'm pretty good finding great deals, if I do say so myself. Friends sometimes ask me to see if I can find them some deal or promo code for specific things and I'd say I'm successful 90% of the time.

Currently my search is for something pretty simple, a tote bag. Not a purse, but more of a shopping tote. Not to really use for shopping, but more to tote things to work. I'm not havng a hard time finding them online, but I'm having a hard time choosing one. I can only compare it to when you're dating and you meet this great guy or gal who seems perfect for you, your family and friends love them and yet, you're reluctant to commit, just in case there's someone "better" out there. For some reason, I can't commit to one tote bag. I keep thinking that as soon as I buy one, I'll see another I like better.

It's ridiculous, when I think about it. I mean, it's not a big-ticket item. If I get one and then see another I like, I could certainly buy another. The other night I got as far as entering my credit card info on one site, but I just couldn't hit the "buy" button.

I mean, anything has got to be an improvement over the green Stop & Shop reusable bag that I'm currently toting to work.

I think I need counseling.


  1. LL Bean has great totes. i can't use mine for work, but i use it for everything else.

  2. Sometimes we just don't want to spend the cash! LOL!