Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Third major snow storm of season batters parts of  New Jersey

It's been a hell of a week here in Jersey Girl land. 12 more inches of snow & office deciding that a foot of snow was no reason to close the office. I had prayed that the Governor would take the decision out of these thoughtless people's hands and declare a state of emergency, but, no. The end of month is a critical time for us and may have played into their decision. But we had assumed the office would be closed on Friday and I was prepared with everything I would need to work from home. We learned at 6:30AM Friday that the office would be open and my boss went in. Not only did I not go in, but none of my staff showed up either. The boss was not happy. I really don't care what he thinks. No job is worth endangering yourself.

We also met our new CEO this past week. He spoke for about 30 minutes to our group and shared a bit about how he works and what he expects. He likes things done fast. He actually said it was better to be fast than accurate because you can always go back and fix your mistakes later. Huh? The next time my boss points out a mistake I've made, I now can say "Yeah, but I screwed it up quick, didn't I?" This guy was previously CEO of a large, multi-national company who was fired in December for poor performance. Not one of my friends who was laid off from my company in August has gotten a new job. And, yet, he managed to get himself another 7 figure job in less than 2 months. What is wrong with this picture?

The LSH had knee surgery a few weeks back and has been getting PT 3 times a week. He was scheduled to return to work tomorrow; however, during PT on Thursday, he was doing lunges when there was a pop. Now he's out for at least 3 more weeks and the doctor is not ruling out more surgery. He's been out longer with this quicky knee repair than I was last year after major surgery. I swear, he's slipping the doc a little $$ to keep him out of work. Can you tell I'm a bit envious?


  1. OMG that CEO sounds like a winner. What the hell? Is the grand plan to drive your company into the ground? Hang in there!

  2. Ow, a pop is never good.
    I know, enough with the snow. You did get a beautiful shot tho...