Saturday, May 9, 2009

True Confessions

I admit it. I've been holding back some truths about myself. So today I decided to confess something about myself that, when I've admitted to this in person, has always evoked the response "REALLY? You're serious??"

So, I'll start with a riddle. What do Demi Moore. Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon & I have in common?

We're all cougars!! For purposes of this blog, I'm referring to the definition from - a woman, typically 35 or older, who is in a relationship with a man who is younger than she by eight to ten years or more. Yes, I am 10 years older than the LSH. So, what does that say about me? I have no idea. But, when people find this out, usually I notice at least one eyebrow raise, especially from the male species.
I wasn't "on the prowl" looking for a younger man. When we met, neither of us had any idea how old the other was. We met through a volunteer organization we were both members of where we first, became friends. By the time we got around to learning each other's age, it really didn't matter. It's probably just as well I didn't know how old he was; I might have let that stop me from going out with him. He may feel the same way. But my age has never seemed to bother him.
Older men with younger women has always been accepted; why do some people react so negatively when the roles are reversed?
Well, I've gotta go now. It's almost time to put the LSH to bed.


  1. I have only one thing to say to this. Who cares what other people think about the age difference?

    The only thing that matters is that you both have found someone who loves you, unconditionally. This is a difficult accomplishment in this day and age.

    Now, if you were 25 and he was 15, I'd definitely raise an eyebrow, along with contacting the proper authorities. lol

    Hats off to the ALL MIGHTY 'COUGARS'! ;o)

  2. I'm with Mom's Fortress of Solitude - the older we get, the less important our age becomes. Both of my ex's are younger than me, although only by a few years.

    BTW, Goldie Hawn is only 5 years older than Kurt Russell.

  3. Cougars are good as long as they don't bite too hard! LOL I got you linked up today!

  4. Whoa,I just found your blog. I too am a Jersey girl, transplanted to MA at 40. I hate the word "Cougar." And you're right; it's not the same for men. Good for you!