Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kudos To A Family Member

Congratulations to my bro-in-law, Mike Siegel. Mike is a cartographer at Rutgers and, along with a few others, has published his second book, "Mapping New Jersey." Mike's part was to create new maps based on various facts, like the area code changes over the years in NJ. Even if you're not a "map person" (like me), it's full of lots of interesting info about NJ. Here's a recent book review:

This is the second book Mike has contributed to, his first being "The Encyclopedia of New Jersey."

Hey, fellow Jerseyites, it's never too early to start your Christmas shopping!


  1. I would really be into something like that. I'm completely obsessed with New Jersey. Ha

  2. Kathy, you're such a cool sister in law! Great post- I'm going to get a copy of "Mapping New Jersey" also.