Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Randomness

What's this I'm hearing? Two NW pilots fell asleep in the cockpit last night and flew 150 miles past their destination??? I'm speechless.

I'm feeling very patriotic tonight. The LSH & I have decided to help stimulate our economy and go for broke; we just signed a contract to replace all our windows, doors and siding. What have you done today for your fellow American?

I heard something that disturbed me today; Waterford closed their factory in Ireland and now, all that beautiful, Irish crystal is be ing made in Czechoslovakia. Is there such a thing as a Czech leprechaun?

After the day i had at work today, I realize I don't like a lot of people.

Anyone planning on going to see the Michael Jackson movie? It's only going to be in theaters for only 2 weeks. Then, I'm betting it will be on the store shelves just in time for Christmas for, whaddaya think, $99.99?

After reading other folks' blogs and listening to co-workers, i realize I lead a pretty unexciting life. And, guess what? That's fine with me!

I resisted Facebook for the longest time. Finally, I created an account a few months ago, after being harassed by friends, but I rarely checked it. Then, when I finally checked it out, I was amazed that so many people I used to know, particularly from HS, had found me. Now, i admit, I enjoy it.

Weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to re-design my blog. I still haven't done anything. And, would you believe, I've had my Blackberry for almost 3 months and i haven't programmed one name or number yet? I couldn't transfer anything from my old phone because it just crashed. I would pay someone to do it for me; hmmm, maybe I'll call up one of the nieces/nephews.

For the last two weeks, I've taken advantage of one of my local supermarkets' delivery services and must admit, I'm enjoying it. They sucked me in with free delivery for 60 days. Even if I have to pay for delivery, it might be worth it. That's how much I despise food shopping.

Got another wedding to attend this weekend. It's being held at quite a nice, luxury hotel nearby. I hope I'm feeling well so I can enjoy myself Saturday night.

It was just announced that Bonjovi is set to be the first concert at the new Giants Stadium in the spring. Maybe I'll finally get to see the local Jersey boys live in concert.


  1. There is delivery service for groceries? That is fantastic!

    That's pretty disturbing about the two sleeping pilots...

  2. I saw Bon Jovi in concert in Boston summer 08. Only thing better would be seeing him in Jersey~!

  3. Paying for supermarket delivery is always worth it!

    Careful with the Facebook...IT'S ADDICTING

  4. I really don't like FB. Not nearly as socializing as Twitter. Bunch of HS people add me and then don't bother to respond to my hellos on FB. Like we're stuck together just because we went to HS together. Twitter, you choose who you want to connect with.

    It makes sense that Bon Jovi would open the stadium but I've heard so much bashing about him lately, from cynical old Springsteen fans actually. Who would have thought? I saw them open The Rock, and I'd love to see them again.