Saturday, October 17, 2009

Passionately Pink

Yesterday was "Passionately Pink Day" at the office, to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. Everyone was asked to wear something pink, the more, the better. I just don't understand people who don't participate in something like this. Now, I realize, some of us go a bit overboard (including me; see examples below) when it comes to things like this. How hard is it to wear something, anything, with a little pink on it? Of course, you'll always get the guys who feel emasculated if they come near anything pink. When I see or hear that, my opinion of them goes down a few degrees. I'm always tempted to comment that I bet they're not so averse to pink when they are near a gal's pink "private parts;" then pink ain't so bad, is it?
But I really don't understand the women who choose to not participate in this. I mean, statistics show that everyone knows someone who has/had breast cancer. I ran into a co-worker in the ladies' room dressed all in black and asked her where her pink was. I was expecting her to say she forgot about it when she was getting dressed that morning. But her reply was "I don't do pink." Even our company gave out pink pins to everyone. She wasn't even wearing that. I know it's just symbolic and wearing pink isn't going to cure anything, except maybe the mood around the office. Which it definitely did. Plus it brings people together and what's wrong with that?
Anyway, here are a couple of pix from yesterday (can you guess which gal is me?):


  1. I see two people with sunglasses on. Which one???

  2. Pink ribbon for the breast cancer. Wow, I want to join. Thank you for appreciating woman like that. I have he same idea with you. Why women choose not to join this event?

  3. I totally agree with the awareness of breast cancer research. This activity will be very helpful for women who do not know about the importance of awareness about the dangers of breast cancer. I am also interested to join in this activity.