Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Will Toward Men

True story.

Last Saturday, our flight home from Miami was cancelled. How one handles this news upon reaching the departure gate, I believe, reveals much about a person. Upon hearing the news from a fellow passenger, I responded as I usually do, when hearing news I don't like: "You're kidding, right?" Why a total stranger would suddenly decide to play with my head and lie about our flight status didn't occur to me. I was just hoping he had a cruel sense of humor. But, no. He was actually a very nice, honest guy just passing on the bad news. So I got in line with the rest of the airport's version of the cast of "Lost" to find another option home, while the LSH sat because of a recent leg injury.
I was talking with a few fellow strandees when we hear loud words coming from the head of the line. I turned to see a large man throw back his fist and punch out a woman, totally landing her flat out on the floor. Well, that got all the testosterone in the immediate area heated up, causing many of the males to descend on this guy, yelling "Hey, buddy! You can't hit a woman!" and such. Now there's more yelling and shoving and then, suddenly, the PA system comes on and, over all this mayhem, we hear:

I loved it.

Anyway, the real story was that, after waiting what seemed to be forever, the daughter of the woman that was in front of this guy and his wife, invited about 6 other people to join them in line. The guy's wife started to say that they needed to wait in line and the DAUGHTER (maybe 20 years old), raised HER fist to punch the wife out, the husband saw this and got his punch in first. The cops came, took statements, nobody pressed any charges and that was that.

Of course, this show was hard to miss. A man waiting for another flight at the next gate came over and asked what was going on. When he heard the story, he asked "so, where's this flight heading anyway?" When he was told "Newark," he responded "Oh, Jersey. It figures." Thanks, TV Housewives and Guidos, for helping to keep the stereotype of Jersey alive and well to the rest of the world.


  1. lol. gotta love traveling at the holidays...such joy! smiles.

  2. I linked you in my latest post!

  3. wow! i can't believe that scene. if some guy decked me in the middle of the airport, i'd press charges. i don't care who he is

  4. Don't mess with anyone from NJ, right?

  5. The family that punches together, stays together.

  6. Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!! From me and my buddy Otin