Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google This

A few months ago, I posted about how amazed I was to find the diverse locations around the world that some of my readers are from. Now I've been checking out HOW some people find my blog, usually when they google something. Some of them make sense:

Tiffany Blue - This seems to be the most googled phrase that brings folks here, but I'm really not sure why. I googled it and went through at least 6 pages and didn't find any reference to this blog.

Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch - Very surprising how often this phrase is googled. It seems the majority of people who find me through this phrase are from Great Britain. Do "ladies"do lunch there more than here?

California Cows - This subject is a close second, the majority of searches for this are from California (surprise). But like the previous two, I couldn't find a link to my blog when I googled it.

I understand why the above searches link to my blog. But there were a few that not only make much sense, but also, make me ask "WTF were they really looking for?"

Svetlana Stalin Svetlana's Breath perfume buy - Google this and my post titled "Common
Scents" is referenced third. Ok, scents/perfume. I get the connection. But what was this
person looking for, a perfume that smells like Svetlana Stalin's breath?

movie pageant girl sunflowers falls in love with mortician - Google this and the first link that
appears is my post "Guilty Pleasure". I assume the person was looking for the Lifetime
movie "Elvis and Anabel", which this google, for all intents and purposes, is the movie's plot.
Except I don't know what the sunflowers reference is from.

george kurdahl his study - This one had me stumped. Google this and my "Common
Scents" post comes up third. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Kurdahi is the host of the Arab version
of Regis Philbin, hosting "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" on Arab TV.
Then I learned he had his own perfume called "GK." Does Regis know about this?

PS - I have no idea why the color of my font changed in the middle of this post and why it formatted
so weird. The Blogspot Boogie Man is on the loose again.


  1. That is funny - I wonder about those odd search results too. I've been doing a series of posts on how to use Google Analytics recently and I got a kick out of reading through some of our own popular search phrases leading people to us.

    I am often searching for bizarre phrases that don't normally go together when I am trying to help someone track down the name of a movie by looking for key words from the plot. But I don't ever end up at posts that have nothing to do with what I'm looking for.