Sunday, June 28, 2009

Living A Sitcom Life

The other day I posted about losing my engagement ring down the bathroom sink drain and fellow blogger, The Wizard of Otin, commented that sometimes life feels like a sitcom, and, after thinking about it, I have to say I agree with him.
This Sunday began like most, a leisurely cup of coffee or two while reading the Sunday paper. We were having people over for a barbeque and, though I had done some prep yesterday, there was still more to do, but I had plenty of time.
The LSH headed down to the basement to retrieve something and I heard "Oh, s**t! We have a leak." I hurried down the stairs to find water everywhere and large droplets still falling from the ceiling. Assuming it was a pipe, we ran upstairs to check the bathroom. I stepped in my barefeet onto the carpet runner we have in the hallway and felt "squish, squish, squish." It was saturated. My first thought was "WTF?" (This is my new favorite expression. It seems I've been using it a lot lately). I had just walked down this hall less than 40 minutes ago and things were fine. The hallway ceiling was fine. Checked the bathroom; it was dry. Checked the attic. Not a drop of water to be seen. Headed into the office and found another saturated carpet. Not only that, but everything in our bookshelf as well as my little Mets shrine on the shelf on the wall behind the desk was soaked. WTF?
Suddenly, the LSH says "Oh, s**t! (One of HIS favorite expressions). I think I know what it is."
We have about 14 window boxes outside our house. The LSH set up a wonderful irrigation system on a timer to water all the boxes. It's been working great. Our flowers have never looked so lovely, mainly because, in the past, after the novelty waned, both of us got a little lazy when it came to watering and by Labor Day, our window boxes were full of dead plants.
Well, it seems that, one of the tubes that fed water to the tiny hose in one of the window boxes disconnected and instead, not just sprayed, but sent water full force through the open window. We figured it had been doing this for at least 15 minutes.
The LSH felt like it was his fault, but I told him I was happy that was all it was. It was better than having a pipe burst.
So, I got started on my prep a bit later than I had planned, but our guests were late arriving, so it all worked out. AND now, maybe we can get some new carpeting for the office, something I have wanted to do since we moved in. So, as "they" say (whoever "they" are), all's well that ends well.


  1. I was waiting for Fred and Ethel to run into your house! It always happens when company is coming!

  2. I'm with you; as big a pain as that was, at least it wasn't some major house repair!

  3. Oh yes. That is in my top ten of things I Do Not Want To Know, ie, What Wet Carpet Feels Like.

    Unfortunately, I do: