Monday, June 8, 2009

Out of My Mind; Will Be Right Back

I took a vacation (translation:mental health) day today.  It's just been so crazy at work, trying to juggle a million and one things and try to keep everyone happy (an impossible task), so it just seemed the time to take a break.
I had hoped to get McCartney tickets.  He's doing two shows at Citifield next month and the press release said tickets were going on sale Monday.  Last night, I went to check out the ticket site and saw that, yes, they were going on sale Monday...NEXT MONDAY.  
This afternoon, I pampered myself with a manicure & pedicure.  It's becoming a somewhat guilty luxury, as we're trying to cut back on non-necessities, but I'll cut back on other things first.  My mani/pedis will be one of the last things to go (although I have cut back from every two weeks to every three.
I'm planning on watching the premiere of Nurse Jackie tonight on Showtime.  It stars Edie Falco, who I think is a fabulous actress.  It's on at 10:30PM, which,I admit, is occasionally past my bedtime.  Thank the Lord for the DVR, a marvelous invention.


  1. I love my dvr! I harte watching commercials! What is this I see? The Yankees in first place?

  2. Sounds like a perfect mental health day.
    How was the nurse show? As a nurse, I wasn't thrilled they were making her hooked on drugs. But haven't seen it.

  3. (Not for long Otin, not for long!)

    How was Nurse Jackie? I love Edie!!