Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exhausted But Happy

Exhausted because we didn't walk in the door until 3AM and got a real chewing out from Bailey for leaving him alone for so long. But very happy because the concert was everything I hoped and more. I'm not going to go through the play-by-play; I'll let USAToday give you the highlights.
It was amazing the age mix of the crowd. Of course, there were those young kids who were forced to go with their parents. But what I loved was the older tweens and 20 somethings who were there. There were a group of them in front of us and they knew all the words and got super excited when a song would start that was an unexpected surprise, like "Baby, You Can Drive My Car," which opened the show or "Paperback Rider." There was a little girl, about 10 years old with her dad, sitting next to the LSH. He asked her if she knew who Paul was. She smiled and said she did, he was one of the men in her father's favorite band. Sitting on my side were 2 couples in my age group who were lots of fun and I could be goofy with. We all were sharing our memories of those days and how much the Beatles were part of our lives. Are there any other performers since then that actually changed lives? We were on our feet for many of the songs, singing and swaying, waving the peace sign during songs like "Give Peace A Chance." We noted that, as much as that song means to us, it's a shame that it's still relevant today. In many ways, we haven't come so far.
I do have one question (actually 2) - How could Paul McCartney be 67 years old and can a 67 year old male be described as "cute?"
Well, I've changed a lot since the first time I heard my first Beatle song, but one thing hasn't, I still love you, Paul.


  1. I wish my sisters had held onto their nostalgia as you have. By the way, I like that you have some Patti on your playlist.