Monday, July 27, 2009

The Office

The massacre has begun, as promised. My company started the lay-offs today. I have never been through anything like this. The offices are so quiet, everyone just waiting to see who's next. It started before 8AM and the last person I saw being escorted from the building, in tears, was around 430PM. And just when I think I can't be anymore shocked, I get word of another person who was let go and my mouth drops even more. People who've been with the company over 20 years, a woman with kids whose husband lost his job earlier this year and right after, was diagnosed with cancer (he's 38 years old) and is in the middle of his chemo treatments. And once they give you the news, they escort you to your cube to retrieve your purse or keys and then out the door. No good-byes, no packing up your personal effects. They say that someone will pack up your things for you and you'll get a call to let you know when you can stop by to pick them up.
And the severance pay?? One week's pay for every year you've been there. How generous! If I find myself out the door, I'll get 5 WEEKS pay. That will get me far.
My department hasn't lost anyone yet. Rumor has it that it will probably start in my department tomorrow; HR has booked one of our conference rooms for 1/2 the day. For me, the worse case scenario is, of course, losing my job. We are already aware that the powers that be think my department is top heavy in management, so we know that that's where the changes are going to come from. If I manage to survive, the next worst thing would be if they fired my supervisor and kept the other. I've already had big issues with the other supervisor and I don't even report to her. I can't imagine reporting directly to her.
One of my friends didn't wear any eye make-up today because she knew, if she got let go, she would be hysterical and didn't want to have raccoon eyes. I think I'm going to join her tomorrow with naked eyes.


  1. I have a friend who just graduated college in December, got a good job, and has been let go. I'll be praying for you!

  2. OMG I hope that you don't get let go!:(

  3. I've been in that situation, 3 times in the 90s. It is scary to watch it, knowing you could be next. Like a firing squad. Nothing says "it isn't personal, it's just business" like a massive lay off. Meanwhile you're thinking "it sure has hell IS personal, this is my life you're altering drastically!" Just remember, you can't control any of it.....just try to roll with it. If you are among the lay offs, it means there are better plans ahead for you that you just can't see yet. Easier said than done, I know. But each time the layoffs came for me, my life ended up getting better in the long run (and at first, it sucked royally).

  4. Good Luck; we'll all be thinking about you.

  5. I know that pins and needles my thoughts dear!!!! xoxoxoxo