Monday, July 6, 2009

New Jersey - Lesson 2

In my continuing effort to educate the world about the real New Jersey, I decided to use my hometown as Lesson 2.
Middletown is quite large in area and made up of differently named sections. Many times, when speaking about where in MT one lives with another MT resident, the question that inevitably comes up is "Dry side or wet side?" Rt 36 divides part of the town, with one side on the bay and the other, guess what? not. Dry side, wet side - get it???
I live in the section known as Navesink (pronounced NAY-ve-sink). And believe me, if you don't pronounce it with that long A around some of the old-timers that hang out at the Little Red Store every morning, they'll be sure to correct you.
So, the other day, I & my trusty camera went on an expedition to showcase the area. I have to admit, if you've never gone around your area to take pictures, I highly recommend it. When we go away, we always make sure to get pictures of the sights that we visit, but never think of it when we're home. It gave me a new appreciation of where I live. All these photos were taken within 3 miles of my home:

Okay, this is the harbor in Atlantic Highlands, a very nice little town on its own (I bought my very first house there). But, as you travel down Rt 36 on your way to Sandy Hook, you'll go through Middletown, then a couple of miles through AH & then you're back in Middletown again, so I feel ok including it here.

The aforementioned Little Red Store:

This area was settled during the Revolutionary War. Here are some homes here that were built during that time:

The Old Stone Church:

And no photo tour of a true Jersey town would be complete without one of the biggest things we're famous for:

Coming soon, the final chapter: Middletown and 9/11


  1. Brings a tear to my eye! Seriously!

  2. great pics. i had no idea you lived so close by. (and i have been mispronouncing navesink since i got to monmouth county! i didn't have anyone to correct me)

  3. God, I miss New Jersey. And there ain't no diner like a Jersey diner.

  4. Hey Jersy Girl - that really is a great idea - going around where you live and photographing. Thanks for the tour!

  5. I'm from Red Bank and reading this post really made my day, thank you. :)