Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dress

Well, I got a dress to wear to the weddings and reunion. When I asked your thoughts about wearing the same dress to both weddings, which will be attended by many of the same people, some of you gave me some good suggestions like, buying something somewhat simple, ie. a little black dress, and accessorizing differently. Makes a lot of sense. But, instead, I bought a dress that has a print that will NOT be forgettable, no matter what I wear with it. But, MOM, I REALLY like it! I like it so much that I may even buy another of the same style with a different design that Nordstrom's has an exclusive online. AND, if my class reunion does happen, it will be perfect because it's so retro 60's.
Now, I've still got decent legs, so I think I can pull off the length. And with a little Spanx (ok, Otin, this may be more information than you want to know), I think I can pull it off.
Here's the Nordstrom's exclusive I'm considering.


  1. Get it! That way you don't have to worry about wearing it twice. Just do it!

  2. You send me to a site with women in bras and undergarments and think that I would not be interested? hahahaha!

  3. the dress is colorful and fun. Enjoy!

  4. Wow woman....if you can wear that....GO FOR IT!