Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back To Reality

It's back to work for me tomorrow after being off for 11 days straight. And when you count the time off this month for the cruise, I only worked 9 whole days in Dec. So, I can just see all the crap waiting for me. I wish I liked my job. Actually, the job itself isn't that bad. It's all the stress that comes with it. And, as much as I tell myself I won't let it get to me, I don't see where I have much control over it.

These past 11 days have been totally stress-free and I've enjoyed it so much. I acquired a couple of things that I'm taking into the office:

This will be warning for all who enter my space. And, when they start getting to me, I will read this:

Will any of this help? Probably not. But it's a new year and maybe, some of those folks who drive me crazy made a resolution to try and keep the drama to a minimum. I can only hope.


  1. I dread going to work tomorrow! What a way to start the new year! Lazy. Oh well, in a few weeks we will all be back to our routine. :(

  2. I know; soo not looking forward to that 0630 wake up tomorrow...
    Happy New Year!

  3. What is it that you do? I can relate to the stress levels. I love the new plaques. If nothing else, it'll give you some "smile therapy."