Sunday, January 24, 2010

Miscellany On My Mind

Driving home from work Friday night, I saw the light............. the dreaded "Check Engine" light. Question to the auto manufacturers out there:
"Can you be any MORE vague?" (must say this like Chandler Bing). I mean, the last time I looked, the engine had, like, a zillion parts. And, for some reason, I have always hated getting my car serviced. So much so that, when I was much younger and a tad more immature, I blew up the engine in my MR2 because I never had the oil checked. I even hate stopping for gas. And here in Jersey, we don't pump our own gas. We have slaves to do that. Anyway, I took a guess that I needed to get the oil changed, which I did yesterday and the light is now out.

I've read all the Twilight books, but had not seen any of the films, so I had only seen photos of Robert Pattinson and honestly, he did nothing for me. However, I watched Twilight last night and I am now officially a member of Team Edward. So, I was wrong. Bite me.

Why is it, when I get angry, the person telling me to calm down, is usually the person who pissed me off in the first place?

I wish we could somehow collect the gas my dog emits and use it, instead of natural gas, to heat our house. Actually, we could probably heat the entire neighborhood.

My new favorite thing is chocolate-covered pretzels. I received a gift basket for Christmas from a client. It included a large Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel dipped in Godiva chocolate. Sooooo good!

My husband works for the town we live in. The town is self-insured, meaning they have an outside company oversee the administration of it and the town pays the claims once approved by this outside company. My husbad has been seeing an out-of-network doctor for the last year. He has to pay $100 each visit and then submit a claim to the insurance company to be re-imbursed $80 per visit. We haven't received reimbursement for the last six months. Come to find out that all the claims have been approved and sent to the town for payment. However, the town doesn't have the money to pay all the claims they have. How do they get away with this? I'm outraged.

I learned a new word this week: Brobdingnagian,which means "of tremendous size." How have I gotten to this age and never heard this word before?

I have owned a ZUNE, Microsoft's version of the I-Pod, for 3 years and still have no idea how to download music to it. It doesn't come with an instruction manual. I've looked online, but, I'm hopeless when it comes to following instructions for all these electronic gadgets that have become part of every day living now. Anyone have a 10 year old I can borrow to help me with this?


  1. You have changed some things since I was here, I like it!

    Sometimes the check engine light can come on just from the gas cap not being tight enough. If the car ran on dog gas, we would have no problem. lol

    I am so like you with technology. I have had a new phone for 4 months and still have the factory ring tone!

  2. How can they do that to your husband? It sounds illegal and rotten.
    I moved from NJ to Martha's Vineyard, 2 of the only places where you can't pump your own gas. I feel so inept.