Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking For A Sole Mate

I know we've all heard that 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. But what about socks and their mates? Has anybody looked into this? Because, if my laundry is any example, there are a LOT of single socks out there. And it seems to affect all sock ethnic backgrounds - the knee-his, the sweatsocks, the argyles, even the cute, little anklets.

Is there a for single socks? If there is, I have a few lonely socks looking for a mate that I would like to help out.

You can just tell by the teddy bear, that this young lady has a very youthful outlook on life. She is looking for someone who loves to snuggle.

This casual guy is happiest when he's matched with a pair of comfortable, basic jeans. Those into designer labels need not apply.

There's only one baseball team for this gal. Anyone interested in hooking up must be able to withstand major mood swings, based on how well her team is doing and not be offended by foul language. And, if they're out of play-off contention by the All-Star break, you might as well forget any thoughts you may have had about enjoying a wonderful summer together. now, on the other hand, if her team is doing well, you're probably going to find yourself getting very lucky, very often. AND, if, by chance, they win the World Series, buddy, you have no idea what this girl can do.

This guy is known as a trouser sock and does best when he's in an office setting. Not to say he's all work and no play (he'll occasionally show up with a casual khaki). But, overall, you'll need to be creative to get him away from the office.

Most of time, this gal likes to be active. You'll normally find her hanging out in an athletic shoe, maybe playing tennis, working out at the gym. However, she'll slow down sometimes and just take a walk and even just hang around the house, keeping a chilly foot warm.

If you do an internet search, you'll see there are plenty of different theories as to where the socks go. Here's an exclusive video of a sock making its escape:


  1. Oh, that poor Mets sock. I have a single Mets earring if she wants company.

  2. I have a theory that I have a sock-thief elf- type that lives inside my dryer....

    - Desiree :)

  3. Poor lonely Mets sock!

    If I find a sock without a match I just throw it away. I don't have the patience. That's probably why I have so many unmatched socks ha

  4. Funny but true. Sometimes they return years later, prodigal socks.