Saturday, October 11, 2008

Under Construction

Okay. I'm a little nervous. I've never done this before. Blog, I mean. As you can see, I haven't finished setting up my page; I haven't finished completing all my personal info. I don't know how you do half the things you need to do on a blog, like show links to websites, post pix, and what the heck is a favicon?
Writing a blog is like talking to yourself (which I do all the time; yes, out loud). You're saying things that you think and feel, but no one is really listening. But, so what? I feel better for saying it.
I've been looking at a lot of the other blogs and I don't see how I'm going to compete. So, if by some chance, someone is out there taking the time to read this, please bear with me. This may not turn out to be the prettiest blog on the internet, but it's all mine.

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