Monday, October 27, 2008

The Daily Grind


After being out most of last week, it was more difficult than usual to get up and go to work today. My job isn't very exciting by most people's standards (including mine). I'm a Customer Service Supervisor. The company I work for manufactures what is normally described as "barrier protection products." (Yawn). There are a few different divisions; I'm a CS supervisor for 2 divisions, one that manufactures surgical and exam gloves and the other division is our condom division. Our customers here are various retail chains, like CVS, Walmart and the "adult entertainment" industry. Every time I tell someone that, they always laugh, either because they think it's funny or they get uncomfortable. I've spoken to my share of porn actresses who are looking to buy condoms in bulk because their producers have stopped supplying them. Lining the walls of one of our foyers are copies of various condom ads. I currently have a poster in my office (ok, how best to describe this) it shows a young lady just from the top of her thighs to just below her breasts; she is only wearing underwear; she has her thumb stuck in the front of her panties pulling them slightly down and holding a packaged condom in her hands. The tag line is "Here's Your Ticket To Ride." We have a joke that it's impossible to be charged with sexual harassment because you can just say you were talking business. A few months ago, we received an email from our CEO that had a video attached of an ad we were airing in markets outside the US, ie. France, Australia, with his suggestion that we all check it out. Well, you could tell who was watching it by the gales of laughter and the repeated "Oh My Gods" that were heard around the office. I've attached it here for your viewing. First, please keep in mind that they are much more open about sex in most other countries. Americans are considered quite prudish by the rest of the world.
1. Don't watch this at work unless you have a very liberal workplace. Remember, they can check what you've been watching at any time.
2. If you're watching at home, please make sure the kiddies aren't around unless you're prepared to begin your child's sex education today.
3. Make sure your audio is on. I think it adds to the whole experience. Those of you in the NY area - You will never be able to watch the Shop-Rite Can-Can sale commercials ever again and not think of sex,instead of the great price on canned peas.

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