Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend End

Sunday night, just washed my hair, have the ALCS final game on. Go Rays!

I don't know what in the world got into me today, but I was motivated to do some major cleaning around the house today. Very unlike me. I actually steam cleaned all the floors!
LSH was out all day learning how to be a boat handler for the EMS. He's the captain of one of our town's First Aid Squads and the dive team is in need of handlers, so, good guy that he is, he took a class today.
Just 2 weeks ago, he spent his Saturday heading up the EMS command for an annual charity fundraiser, Timmy's Tour de Shore. People raise money by biking from Sandy Hook to, I think Long Branch. The event is in honor of a young boy who died a few years ago from a brain tumor and the money goes to childhood cancer research.
Anyway, yesterday I did my share of trying to help our economy by going shopping. I splurged and bought boots; they normally were $250, on sale for $150. What true bargain shopper could resist that? I was proud I saved $100. Of course, LSH says I could have saved $150 if I hadn't bought the boots in the first place. Men! They have no clue what's important in life.
Another work week looms ahead. Hope it's drama- free for all!

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