Friday, November 28, 2008

Bon Voyage - Hopefully??

Last night I was filling out the pre-registration online that the cruise asks for and asked the LSH for his passport#. He retrieves his passport and notices that it expired over a year ago. They used to accept expired passports as proof of citizenship, but no more. The other acceptable proof is a birth certificate issued by the state. His birth certificate was issued by the Board of Health of the city he was born in.
Called the cruise line's "customer service" this AM and the girl was pretty much clueless. Her reply was "MAYBE his birth certificate would be okay, but if it isn't too much of a hassle, MAYBE he should get a state issued one. Oh, and bring your expired passport too. MAYBE that will help."
So, right now, the LSH is on his way to Trenton to hopefully get the birth certificate. Thank you, Governor Corzine, for making the state employees work today. However, I called the dept that issues BCs and no one answered. Just praying that someone is there to help.
So, if you don't hear from me for the next week, that means everything worked out.

MEN. You can't live with them; you can't kill them.


  1. I hope for both of you that the passport fiasco works out. If it does, have a great vacation!!!

    Thanksgiving was a fun time in NH, but the new lady that came to take care of Leo didn't turn out so well. She told us he growled and hissed at her. I felt so bad, because he is a sweet cat whose nice to everyone that comes to the house. We've been gone longer than 2 days before, and everything was fine with the girl from the feline center who came to take care of him. I think it might have been this lady's voice; kinda hoarse=like. Anyway, I thanked her and apologized at the same time.
    Take Care, and again have a great time!!

  2. Yes, the LSH is absent minded sometimes except when it comes to loving his wife. The LSH took 40 years to find the right woman, a Jersey Girl, to make his life whole, someone that could be upset with him then laugh at his absent mindedness. This poem is dedicated to that Jersey Girl, the love of my life.

    To Kathy
    She is the apple of my eye,
    The reason that I live.
    She is all that I could wish for.
    My heart to her I give.

    It is for that someone special,
    These words that I do pen,
    To thank her for always being,
    My wife and my best friend.

    She has the will to live until,
    The last breath she does take,
    There is the love within her heart,
    Such good memories to make.

    She is the sunshine in my morning,
    The star that's in my sky,
    And if I should ever lose her,
    Then I would surely die.

    She stands always at my side,
    No matter what comes our way.
    She comforts me with steadfast love,
    Each and every day.

    She carries many burdens,
    And her heart is sometimes broken,
    By all the thanks she never gets,
    And all the words unspoken

    I know her life is not her own,
    I always seem so needy,
    And asking her to do one more thing,
    I feel so really greedy.

    How can I ever thank her,
    For all she has done for me?
    I can only give her all my heart,
    And love her to eternity.