Monday, November 10, 2008

Tiffany Blue

I had a wonderful surprise when I got to work this morning. On my desk was the famous Tiffany blue bag. Inside was the famous Tiffany blue box. It seems that, because I'm celebrating my 5th anniversary with my company, they gave me a $250 gift card to Tiffany's. Now, I realize $250 isn't going to get me much (and as the LSH said, it's probably going to cost me more than $250 to get something I like), but it was a great surprise. It reminded me of something I haven't thought of for years.
Many, many moons ago, when my gfs and I were young, swinging singles, we went into Tiffany's to have a look around. I said I just HAD to have something from Tiffany's. I looked around for a saleswoman with a friendly face who hopefully wouldn't look down their nose at poor little me and asked her "What's the least expensive item you sell?" She said with a smile on her face "A silver whistle charm". It cost all of $28. So, I had to get it. Believe me, even that $28 was a splurge for me. She also told me that I sure wasn't the first person to ask that question. In fact, the silver whistle was a huge seller. The sad thing is I have no idea what happened to it. As I said, I hadn't thought of that whistle for years. It would be cool if they still sold it, but I doubt that they do (and, even if they did) I probably couldn't afford it!
When I was searching for a picture of the Tiffany bag online, I came upon this:

Would you believe that's a cake? The description is:"covered in tiffany blue fondant and has indented edges to add more realism to the cake. Inside the bag is white cake with raspberry chambord filling."
I have no idea who these folks are, but I have to give them a shout-out. Looks like they're in Jersey:
Makes me want to get married again just so I can order a cake! If anyone reading this orders a cake from them, make sure you tell them that you read about them here! (Maybe they'll give me a free cake!)

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  1. Hi:
    The Pink Cake Box is in Denville, NJ. Also, I recently purchased a bracelet from Tiffany's for $140.00It's an Elsa Peretti design - very pretty. You are one lucky girl to get that kind of gift for 5 yrs. I received a pen for my 5 yr anniversary from a large pharmaceutical company. Enjoy shopping!