Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Night

I've been sick (again) the last couple of days, so I haven't felt like writing.
But, Wednesday night, I took my aching body and. along with the LSH, caught the train for the 75 minute ride into Penn Station and made our way over to the Hard Rock Cafe to attend the "Do the Wright Thing" Charity Gala for the David Wright Foundation. David Wright, for those not into baseball, is the 25 year old third baseman for the Mets who established his foundation when he first made it to the Bigs at the tender age of 21. He also owns a large piece of the maternal part of my heart.
I am sad to say though, that, basically, the night was a huge disappointment.
Now, I realize that a charity relies on its corporate donors for the bulk of their donations. And, once in awhile, they have to schmooze them and let them have a night hanging out and having pix taken with sports celebrities. But, as far as I'm concerned, they should just have a private event and don't invite me by opening it up to the public and then making me feel like I'm not a part of it.
It reminded me of the old cruise lines, where they had First Class and steerage. At one point, I was trying to find my way back from the ladies' room and got lost. I passed a room with people in it and, thinking that it was the room where I had came from, walked in. I got one foot passed the door and some guy says "Hey, do you belong here?" I had no idea what he meant so I answered "Yes, I believe so." He then informs me that this was for VIPs only. I wanted to say "well, some people who know me think I'm pretty important" but I didn't think of that till later (as usual).
The only time we saw David was for about 15 minutes on stage during the auction. (On a side note, Carolina Bermudez of Z-100 was the hostess and auctioneer. I have never been a big fan of her radio personality, but she kicked butt calling that auction. Kudos to Carolina!
We left immediately after David Cook's performance. Other posts I've read today said that most people left then too. Those that stuck around were hoping that, now that the place had emptied out, that David would come out and mingle for a bit. But, it didn't happen.
Now, I'm not blaming David for any of this. For most of David's young, adult life, he's been a VIP, but I hope he hasn't forgotten what it's like not to be.
I attended another Foundation event about 2 years ago. It was smaller and there was no VIP section and David wasn't surrounded by handlers and security. He mingled with everyone and everyone had a moment with him. I pray he hasn't gotten so "big" that those days are a thing of the past.
But, despite my disappointment, my maternal feelings for the boy are still intact.
I hope they raised a ton of money, which really was the point of the whole evening, and that he keeps up all his good work for charity. I'll still support the Foundation and send a check every now and then when I'm feeling flush.
See you at Citifield.

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  1. It's too bad you didn't get a chance to get a pic. w/him or even an autograph. Most of the time, event planners and those type of organizers run the show.
    It's also frustrating when someone says "VIP only" Well, what the heck does that actually mean besides HUGE EGO?
    Feel better and have a great weekend!