Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bah! Humbug!

I started and almost finished my Christmas shopping today. I've just counted and I was in 11 different stores today and bought something in each one. In not ONE of these stores, was I wished "Happy Holidays", let alone "Merry Christmas". Did I miss something? Was there a universal decision by all the retailers to direct their employees to not acknowledge the season this year? I remember last year, there was a definite backlash against saying "Happy Holidays" and many people greeted others with "Merry Christmas". I have non-Christian friends and none of them get offended if they're greeted with a Merry Christmas.
I know the retailers are hurting this year, just as most of us are. But does that mean their employees have to stop acknowledging the season?

On another note, I arrived at a children's store at 6PM and one of the salesgirls was locking the door. I couldn't believe it. 10 days before Christmas and you're closing at 6PM? Retailers are supposedly hurting big time and you're turning customers away?

I was in a Hallmark store, buying Christmas cards (of course). For years at this time of year, I have seen these cards that say "To My Secret Pal". Can anybody explain to me what that's about? Who are these secret pals? Could I have one and not know about them because it's a secret?
Another sign of the times, I noticed cards that said "Merry Christmas To My Mother (or Father) and Your Significant Other." I guess that's better than saying "and to your live-in lover, concubine, or gold-digging girlfriend."


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