Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch

This time of year sometimes makes me melancholy, remembering old friends and the good times we had. I have a few friends I've been friends with since kindergarten and grammar school. In fact, I still see the girl who taught me how to tie my shoes in kindergarten. But the friends I've been thinking of are the ones who played a part in my life for awhile, a few years maybe and then, for whatever reason, drifted away.
You never know when or where you're going to make a friend, in school, moving to a new city/neighborhood, or at work. I've been at the company I work for for 5 years. There are about 150-200 people at this location. I know most of them, but only a few I would describe as friends. A few I've become friends with simply because we usually have lunch around the same time and just started sitting together. We're a diverse, little group - various ages, backgrounds, religions, and interests. I was writing out Christmas cards to them this past weekend and got an idea to write a little poem about us.

The Lunch Bunch

Monday-Friday ‘round 1PM
Six ladies gather
And I’m one of them.

As you can figure, it’s time for lunch.
That’s why I call them
The (Company) Lunch Bunch.

There’s Rita
Who always has needles in hand
You should see gifts she knits,
They’re really quite grand.

Then there’s Henny
Who joins in the talk
But it’s usually after
She goes for her walk.

Camille is another
Who sits at our table.
Sometimes she can’t make it
But comes if she’s able.

Kathleen’s into gardens
It’s her earthly delight.
She’s also an expert
On Frank Lloyd Wright.

Blonde, blue-eyed Karen
Has a reputation for fun,
She adores the man in her life
James, her lovable son.

A bit about me.
Winter’s tough for a reason,
I’m not really happy
‘til it’s baseball season.

So that’s a glimpse
Of the (Company) Lunch Bunch.
If you’re free around one,
Come join us for lunch.

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