Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 Star Stadium

i LOVE CITIFIELD!! I know there are fans out there complaining you can't buy beer in plastic bottles anymore or that they hate that the security people are wearing red jackets (yes, these are real complaints posted on the message board)! From the increased legroom to all the dining options to the large concourses to the.....well, I could go on and on. But the one thing no one could control was the weather. It was SOOOO COLD! Gusts of 50 miles an hour of cold wind. We thought we were dressed for the cold (except I forgot gloves, but I now own a pair of black gloves with an orange Mets logo on the wrist; tres chic).
We left after the 6th inning, something I would NEVER do during a regular season game, but the cold and the fact that the Mets were losing 7-1 (final score 9-3), made the decision easier.
While walking to the train, we were stopped and interviewed about our reactions to Citifield by NY1 (the "CNN" of NYC and the 5 boroughs). As we live in Jersey, we don't have tv access to it, but I found the news clip on line. My comments were left on the cutting room floor, while they used the LSH's comments (with me standing next to him, wearing the weirdest expression; I have no idea what that was about).
The bad thing about loving Citifield so much is that it's going to make it harder to resist buying tickets to future games. I can see me giving in in the near future and buying some tix. When it comes to baseball and chocolate, I have NO willpower.


  1. Thank goodness that baseball season is upon us, I am NOT a basketball-hockey type of guy!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your first time Citifield experience. And you even got a pair of gloves out of the game!

  3. I'm trying so hard not to be jealous. I so wanted to go to the last game at Shea and the first at the new stadium. Oh well. Glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll get back one day to take it in :)