Monday, April 6, 2009

What A Joke

As much as I loved Citifield, I have one major gripe. The so-called "security checkpoints" fans are subjected to before they can enter the stadium.
As we approached the stadium, we heard a recorded announcement (over & over again) - The following are not permitted in the stadium: coolers, liquids, WEAPONS (damn, ma, don't tell me you left your .45 in yer pockerbook!) We had a Mets tote bag with us (a give-away from a game last year). My wallet was at the bottom, covered by a folded windbreaker. On top, there were 2 books (for the train rides), a camera, a small cosmetic bag. There were 2 lines-one for bag people and one for people who travel light. When we got to the "security" woman, we placed our bag on the table. She spent all of 5 seconds (literally) looking in, not touching one article. We could have had anything at the bottom of that bag; as it was, because of her laziness, we were able to smuggle in 2 bottles of Mug root beer.
Next, we approached the guys who do the "pat-down." There were no security women assigned to the pat-down, so all we females had to do was to raise our arms up and turn around once. I'm assuming these guys are descendants of Superman and have inherited his x-ray vision. There was no way in hell that they could tell anything. It's amazing, we are now so politically correct that we'll compromise on security so we won't offend anyone. I hate to give up some of my rights to privacy to the government, but, when it comes to security, I won't complain. But for this joke, it's a waste of time.
Of course, I'm concerned for my safety, but, more so, for the players. As we've sadly seen recently, there are people out there who are determined to act out on their hatred, no matter what the consequences. All you need is one demented fan who has it in for a player, for some real or imagined act, and I hate to think what could happen.
I realize the x-ray machines at the airport are prohibitively expensive. But there must be something better than the poor excuse they call "security" now.
PS - For years at Shea, as well as many other venues, the vendors would keep the caps of the water bottles to prevent someone from using the full, closed bottle as a weapon. Not anymore, at least at Citifield. I bought 2 bottles of water from 2 different vendors and neither time were the caps removed. Not that I'm complaining. Just wondering why the change of mind.

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  1. It's all profiling, If you looked middle eastern, you would have been observed a little closer, but I'm sure that you don't look like someone that would assassinate a Met player LOL!