Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I've Done Before & Want To Do Again (Some possible, some not)

1. Return to Paris - As cliche as it is, it is truly tres romantique.
2. Return to Costa Rica - Been there 6 times, first time in 1990. It's changed a bit, but it's a beautiful place - beaches, rainforests, volcanoes. Take me back right now!!
3. Adopt another Briard. We currently live with a 13 year old Old English Sheepdog (my second OES). I love my shaggy dogs. We also had a beautiful Briard, Chloe, that I got from a shelter. She passed a few years ago, Would love to get another.
4. Fit into a size 6. (Alright, maybe an 8).
5. Own a Camaro. I've had 2, both were great, fun cars. Do they even make them anymore?
6. Marry the LSH again, just so I can wear a different dress. I liked it when I bought it, but now wish I had worn something else.
7. See Springsteen & The E-Street Band in concert (preferably next month at the Meadowlands).
8. See the Mets win a World Series.
9. Go horseback riding at Lake Tahoe. I can still see the views and the vistas from atop the hills around the lake.
10. Go parasailing. I've done it a few times and want to do it again!
11. Dance in a half-time show for the Giants.
12. See my ex-husband again so he can see how well I'm doing!
13. And lastly, something you hear alot from "experienced" people like myself - Be 21 again, but know what I know now!


  1. Amen to #13! Hi, first time here, came over from the Wizard of Otin. Great music BTW.

  2. Great list and idea:) Happy TT.

  3. These seem like very achievable goals. Would you do them in order or whatever happened first?

    I hope you are able to make it all come true!

  4. cool list.. i want to create a list like yours soon :)

  5. LOL! I wonder if I'll feel the way you do for #6 too! I've chosen my gown, and I love it, but I always wonder if there's something better I haven't found yet! =)

  6. Now that I've outgrown being 21 as well as a size 6, I've decided that both are overrated, even if they were fun for a while. ;)

    This would be a good time to head back to Paris - the weather here has been fantastic lately! You know, April in Paris & all that.

    Happy Thursday to you & have fun working on this list!

  7. I hope you get the chance to do them all.
    Happy T13!

  8. These all sound like such fun. I'd like to go parasailing again too. Happy TT!

  9. I LOVED Costa Rica when I was there. I definitely want to do that again!

    Happy TT! Hope you have a chance to stop by mine.

  10. I'm with ya on number 4! Totally!

  11. sounds like great things to redon wish I had done some of them once

  12. I agree with 13....ohhh my would I have fun!

  13. good list. I bet you'll eventually do it all.

  14. I wouldn't want to be 21 again, but it would be interesting to be 18 again and headed off to college with everything I know now most certainly. What a difference...

    Happy TT


  15. What a great list! I went to Paris over 10 years ago and am still trying to get back there!

  16. #7 - can't believe i'm a jersey girl and never saw him in concert

    #13 - ooh! what fun that would be!

  17. awesome list - I can see that you've had a lot of fun so far in life!

    Thursday 13 - edition 4