Saturday, August 15, 2009

Calling Fellow Bloggers

I've been getting a bit tired of blogging and think maybe re-designing my blog site. But I'm really clueless about all this. Donna has given me some tips to start with. If anyone else would like to share anything with me, I'd appreciate it. Was anyone previously on Blogspot, but gone to another blog site? I see so many sites that I admire and wonder how they did it. If you'd like to share your secrets, you don't have to worry; I promise not to tell anyone else :) AND I will definitely give you a shout-out for your advice.


  1. What are you looking to do? I don't know all that much myself! Don't quit blogging!!!!!!

  2. I agree with the above poster... don't quit blogging.
    I'm happy with Word Press,it's easy and that's important to me. I've been using Word Press for two years for both my blogs and like all the features it has.
    Email me if you want more info.
    Keep on blogging.

  3. Some of the blahs may have to do with summertime? Have you tried to re-work using the layout and templates? People do like wordpress a lot but I don't think it is any "easier" in terms of layouts than blogger is. But you'll never know until you try. LivitLuvit switched her blog to wordpress but I don't know if she struggled with the switchover or if it was an easy process.

  4. I think that Word Press may have better flexibility within posting but if you are happy with what Blogger provides then maybe you just need to do a re-design. Kind of like painting a room and rearranging the furniture to make it look brand new and exciting to you? I was considering making a switch myself because I feel that the blogs I love are either actual sites or on Word Press. But then I just changed our layout and that freshened things up enough to appease me for a while. Plus I'm scared to have to transfer all those posts, etc.! Looking at our blog's design and getting input from some volunteers showed me how we saw our blog versus how others saw it. That helped to identify things that were important and focused the content a bit.