Sunday, August 30, 2009


I attended a bridal shower yesterday for Kelly, the fiancee, of one of Mike's brothers. To be honest, I hate showers (unless they're for me, of course). But, I really had fun at this one. I went with the sis-in-laws (Kelly will be #7) and all the nieces (6), most of whom are playing some part in the wedding. It was the first time for us meeting her family and friends and we seemed to hit it off well. No stuffy people, just a lot of laughs. Someone made this dessert called White Trash (love the name).

My cellphone rang earlier and the female who was calling asked "is this Kathy R***** (my maiden name)?" It was a girl I went through elementary and high school with. We actually were close friends in grammer school. She said, one of her best childhood memories was coming over my house and reading all my Nancy Drew books. One Christmas, my parents bought me the complete Nancy Drew library. God, why didn't I save any of this stuff???
Anyway, she was calling to see if I was planning on going to our high school reunion in November. I'm leaning toward yes, although the place where it's being held, wants a guarantee of 200 people. That seems rather high to me. We did have, believe it or not, over 500 kids in my graduating class. But, 200 still seems optimistic.

I don't even want to admit how many years ago I graduated. As I've gotten older, I'm surprised how sensitive I am about my age. I have to admit, if someone gets me at a weak time and I do tell, they seem surprised. Of course, I realize the standard, politically correct thing to say when someone tells you their age is "Gee, you sure don't look it." My problem is I want to believe they really mean it. Maybe it's because, for years, I really didn't look my age; I was carded at bars until I was 30.
When I was young and time was on my side, I used to scoff when I heard of someone having a facelift. I would say "Why can't they just accept themselves and grow old gracefully? I would NEVER have a facelift." Ah, youth. The focus of my beauty regimen then was to stave off crow's feet around my eyes, so I made sure I kept my eye area moisturized. And, overall, it did seem to work. No crow's feet yet. But, no one ever warned me about the dreaded "parenthesis". I look in the mirror and stretch my skin back and instantly lose 10 years on my face. I tell you right now, if I had the cash, those puppies would be long gone.

As a huge Mets' fan (yes, still), I read a lot of Mets' blogs and follow a lot of Mets' beat reporters and I usually find I agree with them. But I cannot believe what I've been hearing lately. The Mets are out of contention. When that fact became obvious, some fans said that the Mets should shut down Johann Santana, our ace, for the remainder of the season (this was BEFORE he actually went on the DL). Save his arm for next year. They've been saying the same thing about David Wright, our third baseman, since he went on the DL a couple of weeks ago after being hit in the head by a 95 mile an hour fastball. First, I believe no one should be rushed off the DL and back on the field until they're 100%. But, if David is cleared, he should play. It's funny, but these two are probably the least likely, of all the Mets, to agree to be "shut down." What message are we sending our kids? That there's no sense playing if you can't win the big one? What about playing for pride? For the love of the game?

About all these Mets' injuries, (I believe there have been 17 players on the DL and many still are), I have a theory. I believe the Phillies, over the winter, hired an old Haitian mambo (that's a Voudou priestess. See, you just learned something; who says reading my blog is a waste of time?) create voodoo dolls in the images of all the Mets players. They're paying her big money and, so far, she's been worth every penny. I was going to say that, at least we still have Mr.Met but...................


  1. Start rootin Yankees!!!!!!! LOL! I hate looking old also!

  2. OMG wouldn't you rather die than root for the Yankers?? Root for the Red Sox!

    Nice party mix - White Trash!

  3. NO,ever the Red Sox!
    I agree with you completely tho; what kind of message does that send??
    (200 for a reunion would be kind of a miracle!)

  4. "Scuse me, above I meant NEVER the Red Sox.

  5. Personally, I'm convinced Citifield was cursed somehow. The Mets are going to have to have a ceremony at Citifield to rid the place of evil spirits - maybe a shamanic ritual?

    Oh well, 2010 is right around the corner :)