Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of the Great Mysteries of Life

Help me solve what, I consider, one of the great mysteries of life::

Some say it's a sign that drugs can be bought in the area, some say it's a gang thing. When I was growing up, you would see this
in my neighborhood and, believe me, there were no gangs or drug dealers in Central Jersey suburbia way back when.
And this isn't strictly an American thing; I've seen sneakers hanging from wires in London and Rome.
To be honest, I like when I come upon someone's old Nikes, swaying in the breeze. For some reason, it always makes me smile. And, I would think that it takes some talent.
While doing the little research I did (very little) for this post, I found I'm not alone in my fascination with sneaker tossing. Someone has actually made a movie about it.


And finally, I've heard of a shoe tree, but this might be taking it a bit too far:


  1. I remember throwing things up there just to see if we could get stuff stuck! It is a guy thing!

  2. Yeah, I used to see this in NJ all the time. Don't see it too much at all in MA.