Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm On My Knees.....PLEASE!!!

Please, Omar.....please hurry up and sign Manny before it's too late!! Please give us something at the Ollie press conference this afternoon.
Some folks are saying that now that the Mets have agreed to pay Perez $36 million for 3 years, they won't want to spend the bucks on Manny. I know Manny's age (36) is an issue if he's looking for more than a 1 year deal, which I believe he is. But, what Met fan would not want to see:

1. Jose Reyes
2. Carlos Beltran
3. David Wright

I have no idea, business-wise how this works. I just know I want Manny!!

We have Ollie back with us for 3 years. On the whole, I'm okay with this. When the good Ollie is on the mound, magic happens. However, bad Ollie can emerge around the 4-5th inning and all hell breaks loose. Ollie HAS to be able to pitch well at least through 6 innings, preferably 7. I heard he got married during the off-season; maybe that will help him overcome his schizophrenia on the mound.

The one face I'm going to miss the most is Pedro's. I've heard that the Mets haven't totally discounted him, but, as much as I love him, i don't think it would be a good move to sign him. I understand he will be playing for the DR in the WBC'; maybe everyone's waiting to see how he does there before making him a serious offer. I have great memories watching Pedro at the morning workouts during Spring Training the last 2 years, always with that great smile on his face, so friendly to all the fans there. He's had such a great career, it would be a shame if it ended now, coming off last year's problems. I wish him well, wherever he goes.

Love the analogy Metstradamus makes today regarding Omar and Ollie.

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  1. What a drama that is with Manny. Spring Training starts in like 2-3 weeks and he's not signed. I like Manny and all but . . . he'd be a GREAT personality for the team but . . . can he be trusted? He had a lot of spark with the Dodgers but still... I dunno. I wouldn't be against it for this reason: his being on the team won't prevent October baseball, bullpen failures are how that seems to always happen. So.... it might be fun to have Manny but I wouldn't count on it. While I have always loved established veterans, I'm really learning that youth is what will create the biggest spark to get to October.