Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I'm going to put my blogs about my high school fashion memories on hold to participate in something known as Thursday Thirteen.. All you need to do is create a list of 13 anythings. Today I'm going to list 13 things that I still can't believe. Also, I want to thank the very talented and generous Samulli for sharing her Thursday 13 headers.

I still can't believe:

1. We haven't captured Osama Bin-Laden. How many caves are there to hide in in Afghanistan???
2. That it took over 13 years to put OJ Simpson in prison. It's not okay to hold up guys who you think have some of your stuff, but it's okay to murder your ex-wife and an innocent bystander doing a good deed.
3. That the Phillies are World Champions. Can I stress enough how much I HATE the Phillies (and their smelly Fanatic).
4. Keeping with the baseball theme, that Luis Castillo is going to play 2nd base again for the Mets and be in the starting line-up, possibly as the lead-off man. Someone needs to explain that move to me and why it would be a good thing to move Reyes from leading off.
5. That I married my first husband. My friends and family who knew him will understand.
6. That I'm @#%&* years old!
7. Everything my new Smartphone can do. The manual that came with it has more pages than my CPR instruction manual. I know I'll never learn it all.
8. That the LSH won't quit smoking.
9. That chocolate is bad for me. My doc said I should avoid it as it contributes to acid reflux. Thanks, but I'll suffer.
10. That people always laugh when they find out I work for a company that makes condoms, among other things. Hey, somebody has to do it!
11. That I still don't have Springsteen tickets for the shows coming up in May. (See previous blogs for details).
12. That Captain Sullenberger was able to land that plane in the Hudson without any fatalities. I believe Sully's guardian angel deserves a promotion.
13. That people care about what Paris Hilton is doing, wearing, sleeping with, etc. I understand why actors, singers and such are famous. But, as far as I can tell, this chick is famous for just showing up.


  1. Great thirteen! I can't wait to see what you come up with next week.

  2. All good things to think about. I'll suffer with the chocolate, too. Or work out more so it's less of a problem -- just don't take my chocolate!

  3. I'm with you on the chocolate. I'll gladly suffer. And yes, why is Paris Hilton famous?

  4. That was a great list...I agree about Paris....spoiled brat she is!

  5. Good list. The only one I can add to that right now is:
    I still can't believe A-Rod couldn't come up w/a better excuse than using his cousin.

  6. I hear ya on # 1 & 2 for sure. Great list and I love your sense of humor!

  7. Hey, let me in on your secret to getting replies. My blogspot is still running extremely slow. Yours has definately picked up - good for you!

  8. Great list. It made me chuckle. You have a nice wit.

  9. A little late commenting here but, better late than never:

    #3- You know how I feel about the Fanatic!!

    #4-Higher trade value has a lead off man ;) But he is looking must better than anticipated, in our opinion.

    #9-Chocolate, can never be bad.

    And I agree with Purple Flowers, A Roid, I am not in PR and could have offered you a much better prepared statement!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!