Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Still Scratching My Head

I rarely go into our bank for anything. With direct deposits and ATMs, there isn't really any reason to. However, I went to our bank to purchase two Visa gift cards. When I handed over my debit card to pay, the teller advises "I'm sorry. We can't accept debit cards. We only take cash or checks." Huh??? This is YOUR debit card. Why would you take a check, but not your debit card? With that, I got the standard employee answer "It's our policy. You can go outside to the ATM and withdraw the money." Which is what I wound up doing.
I still haven't been able to figure this one out. Anybody out there in the banking industry care to shed some light on this?


  1. We had a similar experiance with our bank. Who are the morons running these places. Oh yeah the same morons wanting a bailout from the goverment.

  2. Don't get me going. I have received more stupid answers from my bank in the past two weeks than I ever have since I started banking at the age of 17. I think it's the result of a merger, but the way I see it is the merger has been for over a year. I can't give them anymore leaway.
    Good Luck with a very broken system.