Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ticketmaster Blog Update #2

Well, Ticketmaster says they didn't mean to try and pull the wool over everyone's eyes with their Springsteen tickets scam. They're paying NJ $350,000. There is also going to be a random drawing for 1000 tickets for those who filed a formal complaint by 2/17 with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. Unfortunately, I did all my bitching here and didn't file a formal complaint, so I guess I'm SOL, even though the Star-Ledger used my blog post in their editorial about this debacle.

BRUCE (or any E-Streeter) - If you're reading this, can you help me out here? I just live across the Oceanic Bridge from you in Navesink; I can stop by the house or we can meet at Crazee's for a sundae. My treat.

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  1. Can you write to Consumer Affairs (I dont' know where they are located) and include your article from the newspaper, showing you were one of the Activists for this whole thing. It's worth a shot. I hope you get your wish.