Saturday, February 7, 2009

Slowly, But Surely

I had an appointment with my surgeon yesterday and he removed the staples (why does that sound so weird to me)? He said I'm a "good healer" and he's pleased with my progress. I, however, expressed that I thought I would be feeling better and less tired by now. The good doctor reminded me that I had major surgery and I need to be more patient.
So, I'm trying. He said the earliest he will release me to return to work is 3/9.
So, what have I been doing with myself? Well, as you can see, I've been able to blog everyday (sometimes twice). I've also been discovering new blogs which I'm enjoying. One thing I haven't been doing is watching much tv. Instead, I've been reading, a nice luxury that I'm taking advantage of. I'm just about to start Ken Follett's "World Without End", the long awaited sequel to "Pillars of the Earth," one of my favorite books, which came out in 1989.
I've also done a little online shopping, but I'm trying to keep that under control. It's just SO easy!
Just wish it was warmer out, so I could sit out on the deck to blog and read. Our home is situated on a small hill overlooking Sandy Hook, so we have a fairly decent view of the ocean.
Oh, well. I guess I'll have to rely on my Snuggie to keep me warm.


  1. So glad you found my blog, but sorry that you had to have surgery to do it. Thanks for the Bonnaroo encouragement. I just may have to do it! Stay warm and heal fast!

  2. Hey, you're getting the comments. Good for you! ;)

  3. You will love "World Without End." I actually read it before reading "The Pillars of the Earth," which I finally finished last month. I really enjoyed the vivid depictions of life in that distant time - makes one glad to be living now, instead of then!

    Get well soon, and thanks for visiting my blog. You're always welcome.