Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ticketmaster Blog Update

My father-in-law just called to tell me he read my submission on the editorial page today in the Newark Star-Ledger. I told him I didn't send anything to them; I don't even read that paper. So, I checked their online edition and, sure enough, there was my blog, reprinted on the editorial page. Very cool. But, I still don't have tickets!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder why they didn't give you the heads up that they would publish your blog.
    It's cool nonetheless.
    I was swindled by a ticket agency once. I paid $300 for tickets to a show at the Beacon Theater (they were a gift). When the tickets arrived the face value of each ticket was $49!!! I don't buy tickets to concerts and such very often so I felt like an idiot.
    It was a similar situation where I was on the BT website and was re-directed to another site to buy tickets. And here I thought I was buying an amazing gift. I should have included the receipt with the tickets.