Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time To Come Out Of The Closet

This is a difficult post for me to write. But it's been on my mind and I haven't been upfront with all of you. I've decided to go on the record and admit to something I probably should be ashamed of. To hell with the consequences; I've just got to be me. So, here it goes:

I bought a Snuggie - for myself.

It was a spur of the moment event when I was feeling cold and weak. I didn't buy it online. I hadn't planned on buying one. When I went shopping that day, it was the farthest thing on my mind. I had stopped at my local Tar-get to pick up a few odds and ends and, there it was. One lone, blue Snuggie on the shelf. I picked it up to check out the box when one of the sales associates stopped and said "that's the last Snuggie; we're not getting anymore in this season." Why did this Tar-get employee specifically stop to tell me that? I never can find one when I need one but, this one magically appeared out of nowhere. I took it as a sign. Yes, this should belong to me. It also had the added incentive of coming with a booklight. How could I walk away from this?
I brought it home and reluctantly, showed it to the LSH. He must really love me for who I am because he didn't make fun of me. He accepted the Snuggie into our family without question.
I removed it from the box and, with my heart beating a bit faster, I put it on and,
totally disappeared. This thing is HUGE! They advertise it as one size fits all; honestly Shaquille O'Neal could fit into this with room to spare. However, I got myself comfortable on the couch and, actually felt all warm and cozy - until the phone rang. I got up to answer, still wearing my new purchase, and promptly tripped in all the extra material that drags on the floor and almost broke my neck. I predict soon you will be seeing tv ads from lawyers looking for people who have sustained Snuggie injuries that they will represent in a lawsuit probono.
Someone said "Confession is good for the soul" and, in this case, I believe it. I DO feel better. I hope maybe, by my example,I'll influence other closet Snuggie-holics to come out and join me. Just watch where you step so you don't break your necks!

To show I can laugh at myself, I'm posting this video I found. WARNING: Please be aware that this video is rated "R", so make sure the kiddies or your boss isn't around when you play it:


  1. OMG - I am laughing so hard, that video was hilarious and I'm sending the link out to a bunch of people right now.

    I am so jones-ing for a WTF snuggie blankie and the complimentary flashlight-bookreader-coal miner's lamp for dummies!

    Hahahaha, still laughing.

    Oh, sorry you tripped in your new WTF blankie - hope you're okay or at least warm while healing!