Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday (I Hope)

It snowed a bit last night. Not a lot; just enough to cover the ground. The "always on the mark" meteorologists are saying we could get 5-9 inches overnight tonight OR we could get nothing at all. That's great. Cover all your bases. This way you can never be wrong.
The day has started off good. The LSH made his wonderful pancakes which I enjoyed immensely while lazily perusing the Sunday paper & doing the Jumble. My plans for the rest of the day:
* Do the breakfast dishes.
* Color my hair. (When I was younger, I colored my hair because I liked to experiment; now I color it because I have to!)
* Do some laundry.
* Get out my Snuggie and get comfortable on the couch.
* Continue my reading of "World Without End." (I'm loving it).
* MAYBE, if I'm up to it, dig out my new cellphone's manual and learn some more. I've got the basics down. I need to learn how to get on the internet and how I can get my emails.
* Not even sure what we're doing for dinner.

It's just that kind of day.
Happy Sunday!


  1. I think you left something off the list. Watching the Mets, perhaps?

  2. Oh, PITC, I didn't even know their games are being broadcasted. Oh, I hope I'm not too late.
    Ok. Phew! I just found it on Channel 11. 4th inning - Mets 9 Houston 1, as it should be. My only disappointment-I assume my boy isn't playing. I think he had to report to Clearwater for the USA team for the WBC. But it's sooooo nice to hear baseball again on the tv. I love listening to Ralph Kiner's stories.
    Thank you, girlfriend!

  3. PPS - I see my boy IS playing, so now, I'm very happy!