Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter Two.........

of the ongoing saga of me and Chase, the big, old, mean bank.
Yesterday morning, the first time I called Chase, I was advised by the computer voice, that instead of waiting on hold, I could leave my name & phone#. I wouldn't lose my place in the queue and someone would call back within "18-29 minutes." So, I elected to do that.
Exactly 10 HOURS later, I received my callback. But wait - the best is yet to come. The computer voice told me to press one to speak to a CSR, which I did and this is what I heard: "Thank you for calling Chase. Our offices are CLOSED now. Please call back during regular office hours." How's that for adding insult to injury?
Just another item to put on my list of things that will be in my letter to the President of Chase, the NJ Consumer Agency, as well as a few other consumer and banking groups.

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