Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Randomly Yours

I just wrote my first letter to the editor. It was a suggestion for an article. We'll see if it goes anywhere.
I've been thinking of sister blogger, Preppy in the City, all day. Her mom was having surgery today. Hope all is well.
My adorable boy, Bailey, my Old English Sheepdog, is being a pest right now. I also think he has gas.
I wish we would win the lottery. I''m sooooo tired of working.
I'm annoyed with myself. I lost 10 pounds last month when I had surgery (I don't recommend this as a way to lose weight), but I'm slowly putting it back on.
I just got a copy of the insurance bill for my 6 night stay at Hotel de la Hospital. The cost for the room only: $27,000+. And I didn't even have a view.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. You will have to get in line, I am going to win the lottery first...lol...xoxox

  2. Wait till you see the Surgeon's bill AND the Anastheologist - unbelievable!