Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I've been going to concerts for a looooooooong time, so I thought I'd post 13 concerts that I've attended, going waaaaaaay back.

1. The Byrds - This was my first concert. I was in junior high and convinced my oldest brother and his future wife to take me and a couple of my little girlfriends. And, to this day, he's never let me forget it!
2. Herman's Hermits - I "saw" them at a local high school. "Saw" may not be the correct word. They weren't even on a stage. They were on the floor of the basketball court with nothing between them and 100's of screaming tweens, trying to get near "Herman" aka Peter Noone. They never got through the first song. In order to save their lives, the band was rushed back into the locker room. It was pandemonium and to save me from being crushed, someone grabbed me and told me to go through these doors. And, lo & behold, there was Herman and the band. I managed to get a "'Hello luv" and a quick hug from Herman before they were rushed out to their waiting limo.
3. The Young Rascals - They were a band from North Jersey who, unfortunately, when they first started out, wore white shirts with Peter Pan collars and short pants. Thankfully they eventually dropped the "Young" from their name, as well as those ridiculous outfits. Too bad the artistic differences between Felix & Eddie,the 2 leads, broke the band up, because I really thoght they were a great band.
4. Electric Light Orchestra - Also known simply as ELO, I saw this band when they opened for Fleetwood Mac at a concert at Rutgers. They were one of the first "symphonic rock groups."
5. Fleetwood Mac - Saw them right after "Rumours," the album that made them famous. With the amazing Stevie Nicks in the lead, they were one of the biggest groups of that time. Unfortunately, the band was made up of 2 married couples who each eventually got divorced and that was that.
6. Chicago - I actually saw them when they were still known as the Chicago Transit Authority and had just released their first album. Their albums were named according to the order they were released. I think they got up to Chicago XXX.
7. Janis Joplin- Yes, she was high as a kite, drinking Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle, but she was electric.
8. Frank Sinatra - You're probably shaking your head, thinking how did he get on this list? There are just a few performers that I believe it's mandatory that you see at least once live and Frank was one of them.
9. Moody Blues - I've lost count how many times I've seen them live, with and without a symphony orchestra. What can I say? I love their music. One of the few bands whose egos didn't destroy them.
10. Styx - Another group I've seen countless times - before the first break-up, when they reconciled and I also saw Dennis DeYoung last year at the House of Blues in A.C.
11. Billy Joel & Elton John - I've seen both of them numerous times, both solo and together. 2 of the most talented men of my generation. I hope to catch them again this year when their tour comes to NYC.
12. Paul McCartney - Never got to see the Beatles, but at least I got to see my favorite Beatle in concert a few times.
13. Springsteen -Was there any question as to who I would end with. Bruce is like Sinatra; you have to see him perform live at least once. Is it a any coincidence they're both from Jersey?


  1. Why am I not surprised a Jersey Girl saw Frank in concert?!

  2. Fleetwood Mac is back together and played in Boston last night :-)

  3. Wow, you've had some great concert experiences!

    I don't know that I have seen 13 separate people in concert. Will have to think about that and make a list. Maybe that will be my theme next week.

  4. I've seen Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues, and McCartney, and I'm not really all that much of a concert goer.

  5. Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen, would love to see them in concert. Especially Springsteen, Oh yeah, especially him.

  6. Some great acts there. Never seen any of them live myself (not a big concert-goer), apart from seeing a solo Peter Noone concert when I was a child.

  7. I like it! I went to several of the concerts that you did, although my first one was Sha Na Na when I was 16 at Asbury Park convention center. My cousin bought me a ticket. LOL
    Years & years ago, I saw John Sebastian (headliner), and after the show a band came on to play. Most people had left. The lead singer almost looked beatnik sort of. It was Bruce and the E Street Band. We stayed till the end. It was at the Capitol in Passaic. There are so many concerts. It's nice to have a history list.

  8. Wow. To see Bruce that early in his career. Very cool. I saw Ringo & his All-Star Band once & Bruce made a surprise appearance.