Saturday, March 21, 2009

David Vs. Goliath - And David WON!!!

Here's the update on my battle with Chase Bank (3/14 post).
MONDAY - Supervisor Antonio got back to me to say that, even though the Authorization Dept. advised him that I DID make the authorization, Chase would re-deposit the money, but would not pay the fees we incurred. I asked to have some proof faxed to me that I did indeed authorize them and he assured me he would. Left message at end of day to say I hadn't gotten any fax yet.
TUESDAY - Called him 3 times; left messages each time saying still no money in account and still no "proof." Antonio calls back, leaves message that, unfortunately, they can't supply any proof that I authorized the withdrawal, but they still won't pay our fees. That night, I filed a formal complaint online with some Federal banking agency.
WEDNESDAY - Money shows up in account, but still no fax. Left several messages with Antonio saying money arrived, still no fax, and that I had filed the formal complaint, giving them his name and phone number.
THURSDAY - Antonio leaves message, asking how much the fees totalled. Left VM advising total.
FRIDAY - I finally get to speak with Antonio and he said that, because of the hassle I've been through, Chase WILL reimburse me as long as I can provide proof which I immediately faxed to him.
I don't have the check yet, but, if I don't get it by the end of the week, you know who will be hearing from me. Score one for the little guys!


  1. Go get 'em girl! Hooray for you!! But the shame of it all is that it shouldn't have happened to begin with. It's tiring but you have to keep fighting for what's right.

  2. Wanted to let you know that I saw Bruce on the Jon Stewart Show on Thurs - Ch. 50 Comedy Central at 8:00pm Bruce was excellent; he even sang a song. Since Jon doesn't have a show on Friday, usually the Mond. night show at 8:00pm is the repeat of Thurs. So bottom line, check out Thurs. 8:00 channel 50, hopefully you'll get to see him.

  3. Many times companies think that the customers won't pursue their rights. Good job going after them, it is important that we keep these large corporates from thinking that they are invinsible. Good job!

  4. It's called the Daily Show w/Jon Stewart. Sorry about that.

  5. i'm really screwing up. Check out Monday night at 8:00 comedy central channel. There I think I've got it now.

  6. You rob a bank, you go to prison, They rob you and they get a government bailout!