Monday, March 23, 2009

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Ok. I admit. I'm the one whining today. It was just a bummer of a Monday.
First thing I get hit with when I got in - you have to tell the temp we're letting her go. This temp has been with us for quite awhile and was an excellent worker. Of course, she burst into tears when she heard and I had to re-assure her it had nothing to do with her work.
I deal with our company's salespeople on a daily basis. They're always promising their customers things and then come to me to try and get it for them. I had to tell one today that there was no way what they promised was going to happen. And it wasn't because I didn't want to help; I had checked with our IT department and was told it would be impossible for our system to do what they wanted. But "you have to do it; I wouldn't have gotten the order if I didn't promise them." Why don't you check with me before you go promising the world??? AARGH!!!
Then, driving home I hear an ad saying Mets single game tickets are on sale. And when I opened my email at home, there was a note from the ferry company we use now & then to go to the games, with their schedule and package prices. The season opens in 2 weeks and this is the first time in quite a few years that I don't have tickets for ANY games (can't count the game we're going to on 4/4; that's an exhibition game). It was very tempting to say "to hell with it" and get out the credit card and make some plans. But, I have to be an "adult" and keep the wallet closed for now. BUMMER!


  1. Uh Oh, Yankee fan in the house, LOL, but I kinda like the Mets too, even though thats a rarity.

  2. Keep the wallet closed for a bit. Only April and May tickets are on sale. Save it for the summer months; better baseball watching conditions:)

  3. Oh Otin! A Yankee fan? And I was just beginning to like you. Well, maybe I can overlook it for now!

  4. PITC - Thanks for the encouragement. It's just that I usually have at least 8 games lined up by now and then buy additional as the season progresses. It's just very strange and not sitting well with me. :)